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"We Turn Athletes Into Animals"

Strength Haven LLC.

30855 Old US 20 West Unit 1 Elkhart IN, 46514

Welcome to Strength Haven.

We offer Strength & Conditioning training for all athletes looking to improve in every aspect of their sport. The sessions we provide are intense and continue to challenge athletes each time they train in our program. We specialize in training athletes. We train athletes that are just getting started all the way up to professional athletes. We can do this because of our unique training programs and each program is custom tailored for absolute maximum results. We take our job of elevating an athletes performance very serious, it is our passion it is what we love to do.

We do not accept athletes who are anything less than 100% dedicated. If we feel that an athlete is not currently ready or willing to adhere to the Strength Haven program they will be turned away. Those who are accepted can expect to sky rocket their athletic success and performance.

Taking an athlete to the next level is not taken lightly at Strength Haven. When an athlete leaves Strength Haven after a session they will know that their actions that day helped them get closer to the goals that they set.

At Strength Haven there is a unique bond that develops among the staff and the athletes. Athletes help encourage one another and the electricity can be felt in the gym. We take our training and our gym family very seriously and we expect anyone who joins to do the same.

We also offer some other programs that we are proud of and encourage you to click on the other links.
Thank you for visiting the website and we look forward to hearing from you and helping you to achieve all of your athletic goals.
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